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Sepax offers highly porous media for ion exchange applications that require both kinetics and resistance to organic fouling. The porous nature of the particle allows for ion exchange in highly electrolytic salt solutions as well as non-polar environments. These types are used in sugar cane color removal, demineralization/color removal of corn syrup, demineralization/color removal of agave syrup, acid removal in citrus juices as well as general hardness removal.

Part Number Sepax MP
Matrix Particle
Size (µm)
Content (%)
Ion Form Functionality Capacity
299028-0000 WCX PMA-DVB 290-1200 47-55 H+ COO- 3.3-3.7
299019-0000 WB PS-DVB 290-1200 45-55 FB N/A 1.4-1.6
299018-0000 SCX PS-DVB 290-1200 50-55 H+ SO3- 1.1-1.3
299017-0000 T2 PS-DVB 290-1200 50-61 Cl- DMEA 1.1-1.3

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