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Product PN Separation Mode
Broad Sample Type Specific Sample
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Year Product PN Sep. Mode Broad Sample Category Specific Sample Title
2024SRT SEC-500215500-4630SECAntibodyComplex with mAbCharacterization of Large Immune Complexes with Size Exclusion Chromatography and Native Mass Spectrometry Supplemented with Gas Phase Ion Chemistry
2024Bio C-18106185-4625RPNanoparticlePEGylated Mesoporous Silica NanoparticlesOvercoming the Blood-Brain Tumor Barrier with Docetaxel-Loaded Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for Treatment of Temozolomide-Resistant Glioblastoma
2024Unix-C SEC-300231300-4615SECAntibodyHIV-1 Env AntibodyAbsolute quantitation of binding antibodies from clinical samples
2024Zenix-C SEC-300233300-7830SECMembrane ProteinGPCRStructural insights into CXCR4 modulation and oligomerization
2023Proteomix HIC Butyl-NP5N/AHICAntibodyMAbAntibody-mediated protection against symptomatic COVID-19 can be achieved at low serum neutralizing titers
2023SRT-10 SEC-300225300-21230SECProteinN/AResurrecting ancestral antibiotics: unveiling the origins of modern lipid II targeting glycopeptides
2023SRT SEC-1000215950-30030SECDNA/RNA/OLIGOcircRNACircular mRNA-based TCR-T offers a safe and effective therapeutic strategy for treatment of cytomegalovirus infection
2023SRT SEC-2000215980-10030SECDNA/RNA/OLIGOcircRNAThe RNA ligation method using modified splint DNAs significantly improves the efficiency of circular RNA synthesis
2023SRT SEC-1000215950-4630SECAAVAAV9Application of Size Exclusion Chromatography with Multi-Angle Light Scattering in the Analytical Development of a Preclinical Stage Gene Therapy Program
2023Proteomix HIC Butyl-NP5431NP5-4603HICADCThienoduocarmycin-trastuzumab ADCNovel Thienoduocarmycin-trastuzumab ADC Demonstrates Strong Anti-tumor Efficacy
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