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Sepax Zenix-C SEC Columns
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Zenix™-C SEC phase, developed based on innovative surface coating technology, comprises of uniform, hydrophilic, and neutral nanometer thick film chemically bonded to high purity and mechanically stabilized silica. Zenix™-C, uses lay-down monolayer on porous silica as oppose to Zenix of stand-up monolayer (as shown below), offers ideal phase chemistry for hydrophobic samples like insulin, membrane protein monoclonal antibodies derivatized with polymer branches (polypeptide or PEG) separation. The 3µm based packing material allows for high resolution and performance separation.

Stationary Phase Structure Illustration and Comparison

Phase structure difference: a monolayer stands up on the silica surface for SRT® and Zenix™, and a monolayer lays down on the silica surface for SRT®-C and Zenix™-C.

Sepax SEC Product Family Comparison Chart

Product LineSRT®ZenixSRT®-CZenix-C
Particle size5 µm3 µm5 µm3 µm
Pore size (Å)100, 150, 300, 500, 1000 & 200080, 100, 150, 300100, 150, 300, 500, 1000 & 200080, 100, 150, 300
ResolutionHighHighest, Short column for faster separationHighHighest, Short column for faster separation
EfficiencyHighDoubled from 5µmHighDoubled from 5µm
SelectivitySame for SRT® and Zenix™Same for SRT®-C and Zenix™-C
Surface structureChemically bonded stand-up monolayerChemically bonded lay-down monolayer
Recommended Sample TypesMonoclonal antibodies, proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, oligonucleotides, virus, and water-soluble polymers"Tough samples" such as hydrophobic proteins like insulin, membrane protein monoclonal antibodies derivatized with polymer branches, e.g. polypeptide, PEG.
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