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Year Product PN Sep. Mode Broad Sample Category Specific Sample Title
2024Bio C-18106185-4625RPNanoparticlePEGylated Mesoporous Silica NanoparticlesOvercoming the Blood-Brain Tumor Barrier with Docetaxel-Loaded Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for Treatment of Temozolomide-Resistant Glioblastoma
2024Unix-C SEC-300231300-4615SECAntibodyHIV-1 Env AntibodyAbsolute quantitation of binding antibodies from clinical samples
2024Zenix-C SEC-300233300-7830SECMembrane ProteinGPCRStructural insights into CXCR4 modulation and oligomerization
2023Proteomix HIC Butyl-NP5N/AHICAntibodyMAbAntibody-mediated protection against symptomatic COVID-19 can be achieved at low serum neutralizing titers
2023SRT-10 SEC-300225300-21230SECProteinN/AResurrecting ancestral antibiotics: unveiling the origins of modern lipid II targeting glycopeptides
2023SRT SEC-1000215950-30030SECDNA/RNA/OLIGOcircRNACircular mRNA-based TCR-T offers a safe and effective therapeutic strategy for treatment of cytomegalovirus infection
2023SRT SEC-2000215980-10030SECDNA/RNA/OLIGOcircRNAThe RNA ligation method using modified splint DNAs significantly improves the efficiency of circular RNA synthesis
2023SRT SEC-1000215950-4630SECAAVAAV9Application of Size Exclusion Chromatography with Multi-Angle Light Scattering in the Analytical Development of a Preclinical Stage Gene Therapy Program
2023Proteomix HIC Butyl-NP5431NP5-4603HICADCThienoduocarmycin-trastuzumab ADCNovel Thienoduocarmycin-trastuzumab ADC Demonstrates Strong Anti-tumor Efficacy
2023Zenix-C SEC-300233300-7830SECADCGlycan-based Site Specific ADCHiding Payload Inside the IgG Fc Cavity Significantly Enhances the Therapeutic Index of Antibody Drug Conjugates
2022Proteomix RP-1000465950-2110RPADCAnti-HER2 Immune-Stimulating ADCDesign and Characterization of Immune-Stimulating Imidazo[4,5-c]quinoline Antibody-Drug Conjugates
2022SRT SEC-1000 PEEK215950P-4630SECVLP/Virus/VaccineAAV8 and AAV9Mechanistic Studies and Formulation Mitigations of Adeno-associated Virus Capsid Rupture During Freezing and Thawing: Mechanisms of Freeze/Thaw Induced AAV Rupture
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (2022).
2022Bio-C4110043-4625, 110043-10025RPVLP/Virus/VaccinePEGylated Lipsome PeptideA Dual pH-Responsive DOX-Encapsulated Liposome Combined with Glucose Administration Enhanced Therapeutic Efficacy of Chemotherapy for Cancer
Int J Nanomedicine. 2021; 16: 3185–
2022SRT SEC-500215500-4630SECVLP/Virus/VaccineAAV9, AAV2Biophysical Characterization of Viral and Lipid-Based Vectors for Vaccines and Therapeutics with Light Scattering and Calorimetric Techniques
2022SRT-10C SEC-300239300-30030SECAntibodymAbDevelopment of a robust and semi-automated two-step antibody purification process
Mabs. Vol. 13. No. 1. Taylor & Francis, 2021.
2022BR-C18102185-4625RPSmall Moleculepaclitaxel (PTX)Gelatin Coating for the Improvement of Stability and Cell Uptake of Hydrophobic Drug-Containing Liposomes
Molecules 27.3 (2022): 1041.
2022SRT SEC-1000215950P-4630SECVLP/Virus/VaccineAAVImpact of Time Out of Intended Storage and Freeze-thaw Rates on the Stability of Adeno-associated Virus 8 and 9
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. January 06, 2022DOI:
2022SRT SEC-2000215980P-4630SECDNA/RNA/OLIGOcirc-arRNAEngineered circular ADAR-recruiting RNAs increase the efficiency and fidelity of RNA editing in vitro and in vivo
Nature Biotechnology (2022): 1-10.
2021Proteomix RP-1000465950-2105RPADCCysteine ADC based on IgG1In-situ Reverse Phased HPLC Analysis of Intact Antibody-Drug Conjugates
2021SRT SEC-500215500-4630SECAntibodyIgGComparative Analysis of Antibodies and Heavily Glycosylated Macromolecular Immune Complexes by Size-Exclusion Chromatography Multi-Angle Light Scattering, Native Charge Detection Mass Spectrometry, and Mass Photometry
Analytical Chemistry (2021).
2021Zenix-C and Proteomix HIC butyl-NP5233300-7830 &, 431NP5-4603SECVLP/Virus/VaccinemAbs - SARS-CoV-2Rapid Identification of Neutralizing Antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 Variants by mRNA Display
Cell Reports (2022): 110348.
2021SRT SEC-2000215980P-4630SECDNA/RNA/OLIGOcircRNARNA circles with minimized immunogenicity as potent PKR inhibitors
Molecular Cell (2021)
2021Zenix SEC-300213300-4615SECDNA/RNA/OLIGOmRNA-LNP (Lipid Nanoparticle)A novel mechanism for the loss of mRNA activity in lipid nanoparticle delivery systems
Nature communications 12.1 (2021): 1-11.
2021SRT SEC-300, SRT SEC-500, SRT SEC-1000215500-7830, 215500-7805, 215300-7830, 215300-7805, 215950-7830, 215950-7805SECVLP/Virus/VaccineAAVSize Exclusion Chromatography with Dual Wavelength Detection as a Sensitive and Accurate Method for Determining the Empty and Full Capsids of Recombinant Adeno-Associated Viral Vectors
Hum Gene Ther . 2021 Aug 27. doi: 10.1089/hum.2021.123.
2021SRT SEC-1000215950-30030SECDNA/RNA/OLIGOcircular mRNAIntratumoral Delivered Novel Circular mRNA Encoding Cytokines for Immune Modulation and Cancer Therapy
bioRxiv (2021)
2021Proteomix SCX-NP10, Antibodix WCX-NP5401NP10-4625, 401NP10-10025, 401NP10-21225, 401NP10-10005, 602NP5-4625IEXAntibodyHuman IgG1 MabA novel twin-column continuous chromatography approach for separation and enrichment of monoclonal antibody charge variants
Engineering in Life Sciences Volume21, Issue 6 June 2021 Pages 382-391
2021Zenix-C233300-4630SECADCsdAbsSingle Domain Antibodies as Carriers for Intracellular Drug Delivery: A Proof of Principle Study
Biomolecules 2021, 11(7), 927;
2021Unix-C SEC-300231300-4615SECCell LysateClarified cell culture supernatantAutomated Design by Structure-Based Stabilization and Consensus Repair to Achieve Prefusion-Closed Envelope Trimers in a Wide Variety of HIV Strains
Cell Rep. 2020 Nov 24; 33(8): 108432.
2021SRT-10 SEC-300225300-21230, 225300-10030SECCell Lysateprotein-metabolite complexesGlobal mapping of protein–metabolite interactions in Saccharomyces cerevisiae reveals that Ser-Leu dipeptide regulates phosphoglycerate kinase activity
Communications Biology volume 4, Article number: 181 (2021)
2021SRT SEC-1000215950-7830, 102002-COUPLER, 215950-7805SECVLP/Virus/VaccineAAVComprehensive characterization and quantification of adeno associated vectors by size exclusion chromatography and multi angle light scattering
Scientific Reports volume 11, Article number: 3012 (2021)
2020SRT-10 300225300-21230SECDNA/RNA/OLIGOCas-9 and gRNABiophysical Characterization and Direct Delivery of S. pyogenes Cas9 Ribonucleoprotein Complexes
Editas Medicine, Apr 27 (2015)
2020SRT-10 SEC-300225300-21230SECDNA/RNA/OLIGOCPf1 and CAS-9 analogsComparison of RNP-mediated editing by Type V Cpf1 variants across multiple cell types
© 2017 Editas Medicine
2020SRT-10 SEC-300225300-21230SECDNA/RNA/OLIGOCRISPR-Cpf1 (Cas12a)Highly efficient editing with CRISPR-Cpf1 in primary T cells and HSCs
© 2018 Editas Medicine
2020SRT-10 SEC-300225300-21230SECDNA/RNA/OLIGOCas-9 and gRNABiophysical Characterization and Direct Delivery of S. pyogenes Cas9 Ribonucleoprotein Complexes
Editas Medicine, Apr 27 (2015).
2020Proteomix HIC butyl-NP5431NP5-4603HICAntibodymAbAn Engineered Antibody with Broad Protective Efficacy in Murine Models of SARS and COVID-19
bioRxiv (2020).
2020Proteomix SCX-NP5401NP5-4610IEXAntibodyABF710Analytical and Functional Similarity Assessment of ABP 710, a Biosimilar to Infliximab Reference Product
Saleem, Ramsey, et al. "Analytical and functional similarity assessment of ABP 710, a biosimilar to infliximab reference product." Pharmaceutical research 37.6 (2020): 1-23.
2020Proteomix SCX NP5401NP5-4610IEXAntibodyinfliximabAnalytical and Functional Similarity Assessment of ABP 710, a Biosimilar to Infliximab Reference Product
Pharmaceutical research 37.6 (2020): 1-23.
2020SRT-10 SEC-300225300-21230SECDNA/RNA/OLIGOCAS-9SMOOT libraries and phage-induced directed evolution of Cas9 to engineer reduced off-target activity
PloS one 15.4 (2020): e0231716.
2020SRT SEC-300215300-7830SECEnzymesxenopolymerase for RT-PCRBuzz about RT-qPCR: An RT-qPCR formulation for SARS-CoV-2 detection using reagents produced at Georgia Institute of Technology
medRxiv (2020).
2020SRT-10 SEC-300225300-21230SECProteinSTS-1 enzymeAn unexpected 2-histidine phosphoesterase activity of Suppressor of T cell receptor signaling protein-1 contributes to the suppression of cell signaling
Journal of Biological Chemistry 295.25 (2020): 8514-8523.
2020Zenix-C SEC-300233300-4630SECMembrane ProteinMembrane ProteinAn improved fluorescent tag and its nanobodies for membrane protein expression, stability assay, and purification
Cai, H., Yao, H., Li, T. et al. An improved fluorescent tag and its nanobodies for membrane protein expression, stability assay, and purification. Commun Biol 3, 753 (2020).
2020SEC215300-7830SECEnzymesPolymeraseA blueprint for academic laboratories to produce SARS-CoV-2 quantitative RT-PCR test kits
Mascuch, Samantha J., et al. "A blueprint for academic laboratories to produce SARS-CoV-2 quantitative RT-PCR test kits." Journal of Biological Chemistry 295.46 (2020): 15438-15453.
2020SEC215980P-4630SECDNA/RNA/OLIGOcircRNADesign and application of circular RNAs with protein-sponge function
Schreiner, Silke, et al. "Design and application of circular RNAs with protein-sponge function." Nucleic acids research 48.21 (2020): 12326-12335.
2020SRT-C SEC-500235500-4615, 102002-COUPLER, 235500-4605SECVLP/Virus/VaccineSARS-COV-2 Spike ProteinStabilizing the closed SARS-CoV-2 spike trimer
Nature Communications volume 12, Article number: 244 (2021)
2020BioMix SEC-300214300-7830SECBsAbsBsAbsCharacterization of Bispecific Antibody Production in Cell Cultures by Unique Mixed Mode Size Exclusion Chromatography
Anal. Chem. 2020, 92, 13, 9312–9321
2020Zenix-C SEC-300233300-4630SECProteinHuman interleukin 11α receptorThe structure of the extracellular domains of human interleukin 11α receptor reveals mechanisms of cytokine engagement
Protein Structure and Folding Volume 295, Issue 24, p8285-8301, June 2020
2020SRT-C SEC-300235300-7830SECEnzymesHuman diacylglycerol O-acyltransferase-1 (hDGAT1), from cell memebranes.Structure and mechanism of human diacylglycerol O-acyltransferase 1
Nature volume 581, pages329–332 (2020)
2020Proteomix SCX-NP5, PEEK401NP5P-4625IEXAntibodyIgG2 isoformsOptimizing TNFR2 antagonism for immunotherapy with tumor microenvironment specificity
Journal of Leukocyte Biology Volume 107, Issue 6 June 2020 Pages 971-980
2020SRT-10C SEC-100239100-10030SECAntibodySynthetic nanobodiesGeneration of synthetic nanobodies against delicate proteins
Nature Protocols volume 15, pages1707–1741 (2020)
2020SRT-10C SEC-300239300-21230SECBsMAbRecombinant T cell receptors (TCR)/TCR fragmentsComputational stabilization of T cell receptors allows pairing with antibodies to form bispecifics
Nature Communications volume 11, Article number: 2330 (2020)
2020SRT SEC-300N/ASECProteinHEX Antibody carrier or HEX-antibody complexesCharacterization and Control of Dynamic Rearrangement in a Self-Assembled Antibo
2020SRT-C SEC-500235500-21230SECProteinProteinA Global Screen for Assembly State Changes of the Mitotic Proteome by SEC-SWATH-MS
Cell Systems Volume 10, Issue 2, 26 February 2020, Pages 133-155.e6
2019Proteomix HIC Butyl-NP5431NP5-4605HICADCMMAE-trastuzumab ADCHomogeneous antibody-drug conjugates: DAR 2 anti-HER2 obtained by conjugation on isolated light chain followed by mAb assembly
2019Proteomix HIC Butyl-NP5431NP5-4603HICADCSite-specific ADCDesign and characterization of homogenous antibody-drug conjugates with a drug-to-antibody ratio of one prepared using an engin eered antibody and a dual-maleimide pyrrolobenzodiazepine dimer
2019SRT SEC-300215300-7815SECVLP/Virus/VaccineHIV Env TrimerTiter measurement of HIV-1 envelope trimeric glycoprotein in cell culture media by a new tandem ion exchange and size exclusion chromatography (IEC-SEC) method.
2019SRT-1000215950-7830SECVLP/Virus/VaccineHepatitis B VirusEDP-514, a Novel HBV Core Inhibitor with Potent Antiviral Activity both In Vitro and In Vivo
Journal of Hepatology 70(1):e474-e475
2019Proteomix HIC Ethyl NP5432NP5-7810HICADCADCSite-Specific Conjugation of the Indolinobenzodiazepine DGN549 to Antibodies Affords Antibody–Drug Conjugates with an Improved Therapeutic Index as Compared with Lysine Conjugation
Bioconjugate Chemistry 31.1 (2019): 93-103.
2019SRT 2000 4.6X30215950P-4630SECDNA/RNA/OLIGORNAN6-Methyladenosine Modification Controls Circular RNA Immunity
Chen, Y. Grace, et al. "N6-methyladenosine modification controls circular RNA immunity." Molecular cell 76.1 (2019): 96-109.
2019SRT SEC-300215300-7815SECVLP/Virus/VaccineHIV TrimerTiter measurement of HIV-1 envelope trimeric glycoprotein in cell culture media by a new tandem ion exchange and size exclusion chromatography (IEC-SEC) method
Vaccine Volume 37, Issue 24, 27 May 2019, Pages 3142-3145
2019Zenix SEC-80N/ASECOthersAA and EGFSterilization of epidermal growth factor with supercritical carbon dioxide and p
2019SRT SEC-2000215980P-4630SECDNA/RNA/OLIGOcRNA - EngineeredRNA Circularization Diminishes Immunogenicity and Can Extend Translation Duration In Vivo
Molecular Cell Volume 74, Issue 3, 2 May 2019, Pages 508-520.e4
2019SRT-10 SEC-300225300-21230SECOther Proteinsprotein and small moleculesPROMIS: Global Analysis of PROtein-Metabolite Interactions
2019SRT SEC-1000215950-7830SECVLP/Virus/VaccineHBcAgProcess Monitoring of Virus-like Particle Reassembly by Diafiltration with UV/Vis Spectroscopy and Light Scattering
Biotechnology and bioengineering 116.6 (2019): 1366-1379.
2019SRT-C SEC-150235150SECFusion Proteinp-rhASM/G-SLiposome-targeted Recombinant Human Acid Sphingomyelinase: Production, Formulation, and in Vitro Evaluation
Eur J Pharm Biopharm. 2019;137:185‐195.
2019SRT-10 SEC-300225300-21230SECEnzymesOxy EnzymesExploring the tetracyclization of teicoplanin precursor peptides through chemoenzymatic synthesis
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 2020 85 (3), 1537-1547
2019Zenix-C SEC-300233300-10030SECBsMAbBsMAb, IgG1, knob-into-holeElucidating heavy/light chain pairing preferences to facilitate the assembly of bispecific IgG in single cells
MAbs. Vol. 11. No. 7. Taylor & Francis, 2019.
2019Proteomix RP-1000465950-4610RPADCADCEfficient Production of Homogeneous Lysine-Based Antibody Conjugates Using Microbial Transglutaminase
Bioconjugation. Humana, New York, NY, 2019. 53-65.
2019SRT SEC 300, 500, and 1000215300-7815, 215500-7815, 215950-7815SECVLP/Virus/Vaccineinfluenza vaccine candidate H1ssFDevelopment of a new tandem ion exchange and size exclusion chromatography method to monitor vaccine particle titer in cell culture media
Analytical Chemistry 91.10 (2019): 6430-6434.
2019Zenix SEC-300213300-4630SECBsMAbBsMAbCoupling Mixed-Mode Size Exclusion Chromatography with Native Mass Spectrometry for Sensitive Detection and Quantitation of Homodimer Impurities in Bispecific IgG
Anal. Chem. 2019, 91, 17, 11417–11424 Publication Date:August 2, 2019
2019Proteomix HIC butyl-NP5431NP5-4603HICAntibodymAbs with Vκ or Vλ variabilityAffinity Maturation Enhances Antibody Specificity but Compromises Conformational Stability
Cell reports 28.13 (2019): 3300-3308.
2019Zenix SEC-300213300-7830SECEnzymescytokinin-activating BP1253A LONELY GUY protein of Bordetella pertussis with unique features is related to oxidative stress
Sci Rep 9, 17016 (2019).
2018SRT-10C SEC-300239300-21230SECBsMAbFcgRIIA and FcgRIIBFcγRII-binding Centyrins mediate agonism and antibody-dependent cellular phagocytosis when fused to an anti-OX40 antibody
MAbs. Vol. 10. No. 3. Taylor & Francis, 2018.
2018Polar MC-SP, 30 μm283030IEXPeptidemethylated peptidesEnrichment of Methylated Peptides Using an Antibody-free Approach for Global Methylproteomics Analysis
Current Protocols in Protein Science 91.1 (2018): 14-18.
2018Zenix SEC-300, 3um, 300 A 7.8 x 300 mm213300-7830SECBsMAbCetuximabEFab domain substitution as a solution to the light-chain pairing problem of bispecific antibodies
2018GP-C18101185-4615RPSmall MoleculeSildenafil and CarbamazepineInfluence of Energy Drinks on Pharmacokinetic Parameters of Sildenafil in Rats
Biomedical & Pharmacology Journal 11.3 (2018): 1317.
2018Proteomix SAX-NP5403NP5-4625IEXBsMAbnative IgG1 and pI engineeredA robust heterodimeric Fc platform engineered for efficient development of bispecific antibodies of multiple formats
Methods 154 (2019): 38-50.
2018Zenix SEC 300213300-7830SECPEG/PEGylated ProteinrFVIIIA comparative analysis of heterogeneity in commercially available recombinant factor VIII products
Haemophilia. 2018; 24: 880– 887.
2018SRT SEC-500215500-4630SECAntibodyα4β2–Fab complexesStructural principles of distinct assemblies of the human α4β2 nicotinic receptor
Nature volume 557, pages261–265 (2018)
2018SRT-C SEC-300235300-4630SECAntibodyAntibodyMobile Affinity Sorbent Chromatography
Anal. Chem. 2018, 90, 3, 1668–1676
2018Zenix SEC-300213300LS-7830SECFusion ProteinIP268 and Dulaglutide (IP118)Mass spectrometry-based methods to explore higher-order protein structure: generating a fingerprint for biologics
Diss. University of Antwerp, 2018.
2018SRT-150215150SECMembrane ProteinFcγREnrichment of high affinity subclasses and glycoforms from serum-derived IgG using FcγRs as affinity ligands
Biotechnology and bioengineering 115.5 (2018): 1265-1278.
2018SRT-2000215980P-4630SECDNA/RNA/OLIGOcircRNAEngineering circular RNA for potent and stable translation in eukaryotic cells
Nat Commun 9, 2629 (2018).
2018Zenix SEC-300213300-7830SECBsMAbCetuximabEFab domain substitution as a solution to the light-chain pairing problem of bispecific antibodies
MAbs. Vol. 10. No. 8. Taylor & Francis, 2018.
2018Zenix-C SEC-300233300-7830SECEnzymesPegunigalsidaseDevelopment and Analytical Characterization of Pegunigalsidase Alfa, a Chemically Cross-Linked Plant Recombinant Human α-Galactosidase-A for Treatment of Fabry Disease
Bioconjugate Chemistry 29.5 (2018): 1630-1639.
2018SRT SEC-1000215950-7830SECVLP/Virus/VaccineHPV16 E7-specific vaccineCombined immunization against TGF-beta1 enhances HPV16 E7-specific vaccine-elicited antitumour immunity in mice with grafted TC-1 tumours
Artificial cells, nanomedicine, and biotechnology 46.sup2 (2018): 1199-1209.
2018Proteomix RP-1000465950-4615RPBsMAbscFv-IgG bispecificCharacterization and analysis of scFv-IgG bispecific antibody size variants
MAbs. Vol. 10. No. 8. Taylor & Francis, 2018.
2018SRT-10 SEC-300225300-21230SECOther Proteins(His)-tagged hFZD7 CRDA selective peptide inhibitor of Frizzled 7 receptors disrupts intestinal stem cells
Nature chemical biology 14.6 (2018): 582-590.
2018Zenix-C SEC-300233300-7830SECBsMAbbispecific antibodyA bispecific antibody that targets IL-6 receptor and IL-17A for the potential therapy of patients with autoimmune and inflammatory diseases
Journal of Biological Chemistry 293.24 (2018): 9326-9334.
2018Zenix-C SEC-300N/ASECAntibodyN/AA bispecific antibody that targets IL-6 receptor and IL-17A for the potential therapy of patients with autoimmune and inflammatory diseases
The Journal of Biological Chemistry 293, 9326-9334. 10.1074/jbc.M117.818559
2018Zenix SEC-300N/ASECAntibodyN/AAn ambient temperature-stable antitoxin of nine co-formulated antibodies for botulism caused by serotypes A, B and E
PLOS ONE 13(5): e0197011.
2018N/AN/AIEXAntibodyN/AInfluence of disulfide bond isoforms on drug conjugation sites in cysteine-linked IgG2 antibody-drug conjugates
mAbs. 2018;10(4):583-595. doi:10.1080/19420862.2018.1440165.
2018SRT SEC-300N/ASECProteinN/AZinc(II) binding on human wild-type ISCU and Met140 variants modulates Fe-S complex activity
bioRxiv 262477; doi:
2018N/AN/AIEXProteinN/AEGF Regulates the Interaction of Tks4 with Src through Its SH2 and SH3 Domains
Biochemistry, 2018, 57 (28), pp 4186–4196 DOI: 10.1021/acs.biochem.8b00084
2018Proteomix SAX-NP5403NP5-4625IEXDNA/RNA/OLIGOOligosaccharidesNew tools for carbohydrate sulphation analysis: Heparan Sulphate 2-O sulphotransferase (HS2ST) is a target for small molecule protein kinase inhibitors
Biochem J (2018) 475 (15): 2417–2433.
2018N/AN/ASECProteinN/AA Haloalkane Dehalogenase from a Marine Microbial Consortium Possessing Exceptionally Broad Substrate Specificity
Appl. Environ. Microbiol. January 2018 vol. 84 no. 2 e01684-17
2018N/AN/AIEXProteinN/ACharacterization of Human Serum Albumin isoforms by ion exchange chromatography coupled on-line to native mass spectrometry
Journal of Chromatography B, 2018, , ISSN 1570-0232
2017Zenix SEC-300 & Proteomix HIC butyl-NP5213300-4630, 431NP5-4603SECAntibodyIgGBiophysical properties of the clinical-stage antibody landscape
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114.5 (2017): 944-949.
2017Proteomix HIC butyl-NP5431NP5-4603HICAntibodymAbsPrediction of Delayed Retention of Antibodies in Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography from Sequence using Machine Learning
Bioinformatics 33.23 (2017): 3758-3766.
2017SRT SEC-150215150-7830SECMembrane ProteinOmpA C-terminal domainsInsights into PG-binding, conformational change, and dimerization of the OmpA C-terminal domains from Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium and Borrelia burgdorferi
Protein Science Volume26, Issue9 September 2017 Pages 1738-1748
2017SRT-C SEC-300235300-7830SECMembrane ProteinACKR3Structural basis of ligand interaction with atypical chemokine receptor 3
Nature communications 8.1 (2017): 1-14.
2017SRT-C SEC-1000, SRT-C SEC-2000235980-7830,102002-COUPLER, 235950-7830SECVLP/Virus/VaccinePolysaccharide VaccineCharacterization of polysaccharide-based vaccines against invasive nontyphoidal Salmonella disease (iNTS)
Corpus ID: 91735950
2017SRT SEC-500N/ASECBsMAbAnti-tumor necrosis factor (TNF), IL-17A, BsMAbA native-like bispecific antibody suppresses the inflammatory cytokine response
2017N/AN/AOTHERUrineN/ASimultaneous determination of 4-hydroxyphenyl lactic acid, 4-hydroxyphenyl acetic acid, and 3-4-hydroxyphenyl propionic acid in human urine by Ultra high performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection
J Sep Sci. 2017;40:2117–2122.
2017Zenix SEC-150N/ASECPolymer of CefmetazoleN/ADevelopment and Validation of a High-Performance Size-Exclusion Chromatography Method for Polymer Determination in Cefmetazole Sodium for Injection
Acta Chromatographica 29(2017)2, 193–205 DOI: 10.1556/1326.2017.29.2.4
2017SRT SEC-100N/ASECPeptideN/AAnti‐fatigue activity of sea cucumber peptides prepared from Stichopus japonicus in an endurance swimming rat model
J. Sci. Food Agric, 97: 4548-4556. doi:10.1002/jsfa.8322
2017Zenix SEC-300N/ASECOligodeoxynucleotidesN/AAn Albumin-Oligonucleotide Assembly for Potential Combinatorial Drug Delivery and Half-Life Extension Applications
Molecular Therapy - Nucleic Acids , Volume 9 , 284 - 293
2017N/AN/AIEXVaccineN/ADevelopment of a dose assay for a Clostridium difficile vaccine using a tandem ion exchange high performance liquid chromatography method
2017N/AN/ASECPolyurethane/Epoxy Hybrid PolymersN/ANon-isocyanate polyurethane/epoxy hybrid materials with different and controlled architectures prepared from a CO2-sourced monomer and epoxy via an environmentally-friendly route
DOI: 10.1039/C7RA04215A (Paper) RSC Adv., 2017, 7, 28841-28852
2017SRT SEC-100N/ASECPolymeric Amines and AmpholytesN/APolymeric Amines and Ampholytes Derived from Poly(acryloyl chloride): Synthesis, Influence on Silicic Acid Condensation and Interaction with Nucleic Acid
Polymers 9(11):624 DOI: 10.3390/polym9110624
2017N/AN/AIEXAntibodyN/AOn-Line Ion Exchange Liquid Chromatography as a Process Analytical Technology for Monoclonal Antibody Characterization in Continuous Bioprocessing
Anal. Chem. 89, 21, 11357-11365
2017N/AN/AIEXAntibodyN/APreclinical Characterization of CTL-1, A Biosimilar Anti-EGFR Monoclonal Antibody for Cetuximab
SM J Bioequiv Availab 1, no. 1 (2017): 1003.
2017Proteomix RP-1000N/ARPADCSite Specific ADCSite-Specific Conjugation to Native and Engineered Lysines in Human Immunoglobulins by Microbial Transglutaminase
Bioconjugate Chemistry 2017 28 (9), 2471-2484 DOI: 10.1021/acs.bioconjchem.7b00439
2017Zenix-C SEC-300N/ASECFusion ProteinN/AImprovement of Pharmacokinetic Profle of TRAIL via Trimer-Tag Enhances its Antitumor Activity in vivo
Sci Rep. 2017 Aug 21;7(1):8953. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-09518-1.
2017Zenix SEC-150N/ASECProteinN/AHow to Avoid Size Mismatch Between Solutes and Column Pores for Optimum HPLC Performance
American Laboratory June/July 2017
2017Zenix-C SEC-300N/ASECAntibodyN/AEfficient generation of single domain antibodies with high affinities and enhanced thermal stabilities
Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 5794 (2017) doi:10.1038/s41598-017-06277-x
2016Zenix 300N/ASECVLP/Virus/Vaccineprotein candidate vaccineTransmission blocking potency and immunogenicity of a plant-produced Pvs25-based subunit vaccine against Plasmodium vivax
Vaccine 34.28 (2016): 3252-3259.
2016Zenix-C SEC-150233150-7830SECVLP/Virus/VaccineVarious VAR2CSA domainsVAR2CSA Domain-Specific Analysis of Naturally Acquired Functional Antibodies to Plasmodium falciparum Placental Malaria
The Journal of infectious diseases 214.4 (2016): 577-586.
2016Zenix SEC-300Not MentionedSECVLP/Virus/Vaccineprotein candidate vaccineTransmission blocking potency and immunogenicity of a plant-produced Pvs25-based subunit vaccine against Plasmodium vivax
Vaccine 34.28 (2016): 3252-3259.
2016Zenix SEC-300213300-4615SECVLP/Virus/Vaccineanthrax vaccines pp-dPA83Stability and pre-formulation development of a plant-produced anthrax vaccine candidate
Vaccine 35.41 (2017): 5463-5470.
2016SRT-C SEC-300235300-4625SECMembrane Proteinchemokines, CXCL12, G proteinProduction of chemokine/chemokine receptor complexes for structural and biophysi
2016Zenix SEC-300N/ASECVLP/Virus/VaccineSEC c2G4-BDS, CMB-BDS-1410-001Plant-based technologies to enable rapid response to Ebola outbreak
2016SRT SEC-1000215950-7830SECVLP/Virus/Vaccinehepatitis B core antigen (HBcAg) VLP as carrier for therapeutic human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines, expressed efficiently in E. coli cells, recombinant vaccine protein HBcAg-E749–57 was assembled into VLPs similar to the carrier protein HBcAg, whic…Chimeric HBcAg virus-like particles presenting a HPV 16 E7 epitope significantly
2016SRT-C SEC-1000235980-7830, 235950-7830SECVLP/Virus/VaccineGeneralized Modules for Membrane Antigens (GMMA), which are are outer membrane vesicles naturally released by Gram-negative bacteria. GMMA are small outer membrane vesicles-like blebs (40-200 nm diameter) spontaneously released by Gram-negative bacteria ...Characterization of O-antigen delivered by generalized modules for membrane anti
2016SRT-C SEC-300235300-4625SECMembrane ProteinChemokine, Herpesviridae (herpesvirus), 7TM receptor, Baculovirus infected Spodoptera frugiperda (Sf9) insect cellsChapter Eighteen - Disulfide Trapping for Modeling and Structure Determination o
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