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Monomix Mab60-SP

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Sepax Monomix Mab60-SP is is based on hydrophilic treated polymethacrylate. .The resin has highly uniformly dispersed (D90/D10<1.3) particle size of 60 μm, and pore size of 1000 Å, with excellent physical and chemical stability as well as high loading capacity with DBC greater than 80 mg/mL.

The resin is surface-treated through Sepax’s proprietary method, and has increased surface hydrophilicity and largely avoided non-specific binding to biological samples. By proprietary surface modification technology, ion-exchange functional groups are bonded on the surface of hydrophilic substrates to obtain strong cation exchange functional groups (SP) and form an ion exchange layer of high functional group density. The Monomix Mab60-SP resin can be widely used in the separation and purification of biological samples such as antibodies, vaccines, insulins, proteins, nucleic acids, and heparins
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