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Sepax Proteomix Ion-exchange UHPLC Columns

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Standard Column Dimension:
Part NumberPhaseParticle SizePore SizeID×LengthBuy or Quote
401NP2-4001C [1]Proteomix SCX-NP1.71.7 µmNon-Porous4.0×10mm
401NP2-4603Proteomix SCX-NP1.71.7 µmNon-Porous4.6×30mm
401NP2-4605 [2]Proteomix SCX-NP1.71.7 µmNon-Porous4.6×50mm
401NP2-4610Proteomix SCX-NP1.71.7 µmNon-Porous4.6×100mm

Custom Column Dimension:
Part NumberPhaseParticle SizePore SizeID×LengthBuy or Quote
401NP2-2001 [3]Proteomix SCX-NP1.71.7 µmNon-Porous2.0×10mm
401NP2-2001C [1]Proteomix SCX-NP1.71.7 µmNon-Porous2.0×10mm
401NP2-2103Proteomix SCX-NP1.71.7 µmNon-Porous2.1×30mm
401NP2-2105 [2]Proteomix SCX-NP1.71.7 µmNon-Porous2.1×50mm
401NP2-2110Proteomix SCX-NP1.71.7 µmNon-Porous2.1×100mm
401NP2-4001 [3]Proteomix SCX-NP1.71.7 µmNon-Porous4.0×10mm

Additional dimension upon request.

Related Products:
Part NumberNameDescriptionBuy or Quote
201004-0000 [4]Protein Standards for SCX and WCX
102002-COUPLER [5]PEEK Coupler
102003-COUPLER [6]PEEK/ SS Coupler
102006-COUPLER [7]Flexible Analytical/PEEK Coupler
102000-P356 [8]Precolumn Filter
102001-P356 [9]PEEK Refill Frits (0.5 µm) 5 units/pk

[1] Guard Cartridge with holder.
[2] Guard column
[3] Guard Cartridge only.
[4] Protein Standards for Proteomix SCX and WCX, 5 vials, 50 µl/vial
[5] One-piece PEEK coupler, recommended to connect columns in series.
[6] PEEK/Stainless Steel coupler, recommended to connect columns of IDs > 7.8 mm in series.
[7] Column coupler with 10cm length flexible tubing,10-32 fitting with 1/16 OD PEEK tubing. Recommended to connect analytical columns in series
[8] 0.5 µm PEEK frit for column with particle size 3 µm or less
[9] For Precolumn Filter (0.5 µm) 5 units/pk

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