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Proteomix POR IEX

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Proteomix POR ion exchange resin is specifically designed for the separation and purification of biological samples. Proteomix POR-S/Q is based on the uniform PS/DVB beads with particle size of 15/30 μm. It has good physical and chemical stability with better pressure resistance.

The Proteomix POR-S/Q resin surface is modified with a unique coating technology, which is highly hydrophilic and minimizes non-specific binding with biological samples. Through proprietary surface modification technology, different spacer arms and ion exchange functional groups are bonded on the surface of hydrophilic matrix to obtain strong cation exchange (S), strong anion exchange (Q) and other chromatographic media, and ensure the high density and uniformity of the surface ion exchange layer. Proteomix POR-S/Q ion exchange resin can be widely used for the separation and purification of biological samples such as vaccines, insulin, protein, nucleic acid, etc.

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