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MabPurix Protein A

DescriptionPackingCharacteristicsApplicationOrder InfoDownloads
ResinParticle SizePart NumberVolumeAdd To Cart
MabPurix A4545 µm270745990
MabPurix A6565 µm270765990
MabPurix P4545 µm270845990

MabPurix medium is shipped in 18.5±1% ethanol at room temperature.

MabPurix Protein A, Pre-Packed Column (7.5 x 100 mm, 4.2 mL)

PhaseMatrixParticle SizePart Number
MabPurix A45Agarose45 µm270745990-75100
MabPurix A65Agarose65 µm270765990-75100
MabPurix P45PMA 45 µm270845990-75100

MabPurix Protein A, RoboColumn, 600 μL

Phase Matrix Particle Size Part Number
MabPurix A65Agarose65 µm2707650990-R600
MabPurix P65PMA45 µm270845990-R600

Generik® FPLC Empty Column

Part Number End Fitting Column Size
Bed Height
202000-0615-AF A/F 6.6x150 12-Apr 1.4-4.1
202000-0615-FF F/F 6.6x150 12 4.1
202000-0625-AA A/A 6.6x250 22-Jun 2.1-7.5
202000-0625-AF A/F 6.6x250 14-22 4.8-7.5
202000-0640-AA A/A 6.6x400 21-37 7.2-12.7
202000-1015-AF A/F 10.0x150 12-Apr 3.1-9.4
202000-1025-AA A/A 10.0x250 22-Jun 3.1-17.3
202000-1025-AF A/F 10.0x250 14-22 11/17/2003
202000-1515-AF A/F 15.0x150 12-Apr 7.1-21.2
202000-1525-AA A/A 15.0x250 22-Jun 10.6-38.9
202000-1525-AF A/F 15.0x250 14-22 24.7-38.9
202000-2515-AF A/F 25.0x150 12-Apr 19.6-58.9
202000-2525-AA A/A 25.0x250 22-Jun 29.4-108.0
202000-2525-AF A/F 25.0x250 14-22 68.7-108.0
202000-3540-AF A/F 35.0x400 29-37 279.0-355.9
202000-5015-AF A/F 50.0x150 12-Apr 77.5-235.0
202000-5025-AA A/A 50.0x250 5.8-22.0 120.2-440.7
202000-5040-AA A/A 50.0x400 21-37 420.5-741.0
202000-5040-AF A/F 50.0x400 29-37 580.7-741.0
202000-5050-AA A/A 50.0x500 31-47 620.8-941.2
202000-5050-AF A/F 50.0x500 39-47 781.0-941.2
AF: One fixed endpiece and one adjustable endpiece
AA: Two adjustable endpieces
FF: Non-adjustable with two fixed endpieces
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