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Proteomix POR50-dT20

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Sepax Proteomix POR50-dT20 Affinity Resin is a monodispersed PS/DVB base bead that has a profuse porous structure with large through pores, good physical and chemical stability and good pressure resistance. Oligo dT20-mer is conjugated to the bead surface through a proprietary method. The resulting affinity resin is specially designed and highly optimized for the isolation of messenger RNA (mRNA).

Most mRNA molecules contain a tail of poly(adenylic acid) (polyA tail), up to 250 bases in length. The Proteomix POR dT20 Affinity Resin surface allows capture of mRNA through base pairing between oligo dT20-mer and the mRNA polyA tail using a simple and convenient chromatography procedure.

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