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Polar MC-IMAC Excel

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Polar MC-IMAC Excel resins are metal affinity chromatography resins for the purification of recombinant proteins with a histidine (His) tag, which are widely used in the biotech industry. The resins are composed of hydrophilic polymethacrylate beads with high physical and chemical stability. The resins have a particle size of 30 µm or 60 µm with a pore size of 800 Å. The resin surface is highly hydrophilic, which minimizes non-specific interaction with biological analytes. On the hydrophilic surface, carboxylic acid groups which can chelate multivalent metal ions are chemically attached via a proprietary linker optimized for bio-separations .

A customer using Sepax Polar MC Ni-MC60 IMAC resin for their protein projects shared the following:
“The Sepax IMAC resin offers better flow rates when compared to traditional agarose based resins. The Sepax base bead is a rigid PMA which allows for higher flow rates, a packed bed that is less likely to compress, and in return, a higher column bed height can be achieved. Since the Sepax IMAC resin is EDTA resistant, I am able to use the column multiple times before CIP and additionally, my CIP protocol is shortened since the column does not need to be recharged. Removing the need for regeneration has not only saved me hours of instrument time, but I also now have less buffer to prepare!”

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